Vote YES for the Greenway in Stoneham's Special Town Meeting 

This vote is critical for the future of the Greenway. The special town meeting will include a motion to approve small temporary construction easements along the railroad right of way. The easements are the same as other public constructions projects such as building sidewalks. Issues are resolved. There are no takings of private land and the trail ends before Rec Park. Assure the Greenway happens - Vote YES and to keep the 5.5 million in state and federal funding.  January 12th, 2014 at 7pm

Stoneham Greenway On Stoneham TV: 

Thank you for the amazing support from the residents of Stoneham.  We look forward to a time when these children will be using the Greenway!

Greenway Construction Easements: 

Stay on top of the design plans and construction easements in Stoneham.  This is an important warrant to the future of the Greenway as well as to businesses in town. 

What's at stake? 
 The $5.4 million allocated for the Tri-Community Project.  If Stoneham does not allow these easements, MassDOT can decide to abandon part or all of the project.  The Construction easements are required in order for MassDOT to issue a right-of-way certificate for the project. Without that, plans cannot be finalized and the project cannot be put out to bid for construction. If the project is not put out to bid next year, the funding can and probably will be withdrawn. As of now, the bid date that was expected to be in the late winter has been delayed until at least the summer.  If negotiations for these properties do not start now, it could delay this further.  This will jeopardize the whole project.

Construction Easements
Many of the the construction easements have been removed  
Learn more about Stoneham Easements
including the permanent easement. There is only 3800 feet of private land involved in the easements on private land.  These are all construction easements.  A construction easement allows access to land by construction workers in order to complete landscaping, erect fences or in several cases put in crosswalk flashing lights to allow safer crossings.   It does not mean the land is occupied or that landowners cannot use it. Construction worker access to any of these properties will likely be only a few days or a week in most cases since the construction of the ENTIRE project is expected to be less than six months. 

All properties involved are independently assessed and owners will be compensated for the use of their land.

See the temporary construction easements being discussed with Stoneham businesses.

Interactive Map of the 75% Greenway Design 
 Do you want to know where the trail goes, what business it will go by and how easy it will be to use?  The plans      page of this site has an interactive Google map that allows you to zoom in and look around at the details. 

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The Tri-Community Greenway, will bring open recreational space to Stoneham, Woburn and Winchester. The Stoneham portion will be located on a right of way of the Stoneham Branch of the Boston & Lowell (later the Boston & Maine and MBTA) railroad, which stopped passenger service in 1958. This linear park will create a place to bike, walk and enjoy nature in the heart of our community.
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