Project gets the Notice to Proceed!!

Fantastic news!  

The Bid Opening for the Tri-Community was last November.  Since then, MassDOT has been at work certifying the low bid.  They have now issued a Notice to Proceed, officially awarding the contract and clearing the way for construction of the Greenway.

What does this mean?  It means construction will begin this spring.  The contractor is in the process of making up a schedule for construction, which we should have a few weeks.  With a few exceptions (such as avoiding constructing next to schools during the school year), they can decide how to proceed and whether to start in Winchester and move towards Stoneham or vice versa. Most of the construction should be done in a single season (approx April to November). The piece likely to take the most time is the new bridge over the Aberjona River in Woburn. The construction is expected to largely finished in 2017, but some plantings or landscaping might end up waiting until the spring of 2018.

This is a huge step for the project and we are incredibly excited to see this greenway, over 25 years in the making, finally take this leap.  We can't wait to get out there and walk and ride.  

Trail cleanup 

Thanks to the small group of volunteers who came out in the damp weather.  This was probably the last cleanup before construction starts next spring, but we'll keep you posted.   

Trail cleanup October 2016

Your Opinion Matters - Vote for Greenway Amenities 

With construction around the corner, we are starting to think about life with a Greenway!  It will be great to have a path off street for our children to go to school and a beautiful place to walk, jog or bike but we can do more. Tell us what you would like to see added after the Greenway is built.

Interactive Map of the 75% Greenway Design 
 Do you want to know where the trail goes, what business it will go by and how easy it will be to use?  The maps      page of this site has an interactive Google map that allows you to zoom in and look around at the details. 

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The Tri-Community Greenway, will bring open recreational space to Stoneham, Woburn and Winchester. The Stoneham portion will be located on a right of way of the Stoneham Branch of the Boston & Lowell (later the Boston & Maine and MBTA) railroad, which stopped passenger service in 1958. This linear park will create a place to bike, walk and enjoy nature in the heart of our community.
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