Due to the heavy rain forecast, we're postponing the October 27 cleanup until Sunday Nov. 3rd. 


Ribbon Cutting 

It's official 

 celebrate the official ribbon cutting and opening of the Greenway.  Saturday, June 15, 2019, 10 am, Greenway at Pomeworth Street, Stoneham.  

Join us for fun family activities and games, a picnic, kids bike decorating, safety sessions, a historical tour of the Stoneham section and a guided bike tour of the Greenway.  Join us as we celebrate this fantastic addition to the local community. 

Also stayed tuned for our new updated website. 


May 2019

Now that spring is finally here, we've seen construction on the last unfinished part of the paved path near 620 Washington Street in Winchester.  

Nov. 2018
The last stage of construction near 620 Washington in Winchester is upon us.  Then all paving and actual construction will be finished. All that will be left after that is landscaping, some of which will need to be done in the spring.  

October 2018

Thanks for the reports on the signs peeling.  The contractor has epoxied them so they should be permanently on now. 

September 2018

The crew is still busy with traffic signals, signage, and landscaping.  A few signals are active, but many are not.  The crews hope to finish the signal on Montvale Avenue by the end of September. 

The section by 620 Washington is still waiting for environmental sign-off, but should be underway soon.  

July 2018

The crew is busy with traffic signals, bollards. bases for the signage, and landscaping.  A few signals are active, but most are still not, so do be careful.  

They have also put up guard rail fencing in a number of areas, starting at Ginn Field in Winchester.   

This thing is getting close!

June 2018.  The construction crew has been working on landscaping, installing granite mile markers and placing the bases for traffic signals.  Signals will probably be finished the first week of July.  

Please note that the path is not officially open, and still lacks signals, crosswalks and signage.  Since people are using it anyway, just please be careful, especially on larger road crossings such as Washington St and Montvale Avenue.   

Check out the new route map here. 

May 2018: After a slow start, construction is moving fast.  The bridge is installed and waiting for the deck to be finished.  Almost all sections are paved. Now the project will focus on street crossings, on street sections and landscaping.  See the map to find the best place for you to jump on the path. 

March 2018: A snowy winter has meant that construction on the bridge is still underway.  The bridge is expected to be finished the 2nd or 3rd week of April, when crews will move into Stoneham again. 

January 2018:  Some construction on the foundations for the pre-fab Bridge over the Aberjona in Woburn (near the former gelatin factory) continues when the weather permits. 

December 2017: As construction of the pathway wrapped up in Winchester in early fall, it moved onto Woburn and Stoneham.  As of December, most prep work and the majority of paving has been finished along the railroad right-of-way in Woburn and in Stoneham. Once the pathway has been constructed in all three towns and paved with a top coat (sometime in the spring of 2018 depending on the weather) the contractor will then put in signage, crosswalks and other striping and pedestrian signals for all three towns.

November: Construction continues.  Currently, most construction is happening in Woburn.  The majority of the main path in Winchester is complete, except for a small section near 620 Washington Street.  October construction was mainly along the old railroad right-of-way in Woburn between Central Street and the city line.  Construction has also started in Stoneham with grubbing along the path for roots, etc. for the path bed.  Construction for the path will continue as long as it is warm enough for paving to be done, and then the contractor will work on installing the new bridge over the Aberjona River in Woburn, as long as the weather permits.

October: Construction is finishing up in Winchester and the path bed is being prepared and filled along the railroad right-of-way in Woburn.  Tree work is also being done in Stoneham. 

September: Construction on the Tri-Community Greenway continues. Currently the contractor, Northern Construction is still working in Winchester.  We've noticed some intrepid folks not waiting for it to even be finished!  Areas below are the Horn Pond Extension, near the Jenks Center, next to Waterfield Road parking between the train stations, and in the section between Leonard Field and Cross Street.  

You can see more photos on Facebook and on Google Photos

Horn Pond extension
Next to Jenks Center an the Aberjona near Winchester Town Hall

Near Waterfield Road and Ginn Field - and it's not even open!
Area of Tri-Community Greenway between Leonard Field and Cross Street in Winchester

Other areas being worked on included he stretch from Ginn field to the Waterfield Road commuter rail parking lot, near the Muracco School and on the Horn Pond extension in Winchester.  

Winchester construction should wrap up in early fall, and the crews will move onto Woburn. They have already cleared some brush from the Railroad right-of-way areas in Woburn and Stoneham (where the trail will be in a corridor up to 50 feet wide -in these areas the trail will be 10 feet paved with 3 foot crushed stone shoulders.  It will be narrower in some spots, particularly in close corridors in Winchester, where some parts will also be along existing roads.     
Cleared ROW area on the east side of the Aberjona
Path along Waterfield parking area, Winchester

Off-road path illustration
Typical on-road shared option (parts of Winchester)

As you can see below, some of the views along the Greenway route will be spectacular. 

View of the Aberjona near the Jenks Center in Winchester 


Local residents and town and state officials celebrated at the groundbreaking ceremony in May 2017 at Ginn Field in Winchester.

Tri-Community Groundbreaking

You can see more photos on Facebook and on Google Photos.

Tree work has already begun along the trail in Winchester, and the actual construction should begin this week near Wedgemere Station. Work will proceed from there towards Woburn and Stoneham. 

The first section of the trail to be constructed runs from Bacon Street by the edge of Ginn Field and along the Aberjona River (between the river and the parking lot) to Waterfield Road. Portions of the permit parking spaces on the river side of the Aberjona Lot will be closed at times during construction.

You can watch a video of the ceremony here.  Thanks to Margo Attaya and Equilibrium TV for creating that. 

Your Opinion Matters - Vote for Greenway Amenities 

With construction around the corner, we are starting to think about life with a Greenway!  It will be great to have a path off street for our children to go to school and a beautiful place to walk, jog or bike but we can do more. Tell us what you would like to see added after the Greenway is built.

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The Tri-Community Greenway will bring open recreational space to Stoneham, Woburn and Winchester. The Stoneham portion will be located on a right of way of the Stoneham Branch of the Boston & Lowell (later the Boston & Maine and MBTA) railroad, which stopped passenger service in 1958. This linear park will create a place to bike, walk and enjoy nature in the heart of our community.
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