The Friends of the Tri-Community Greenway is a group of people working with the towns, residents and local businesses to promote the benefits of a greenway and multi-use path through Stoneham, Woburn, and Winchester.

Our mission is to bring the a tremendous resource to the town like many communities have already done around the country.  A multi-purpose greenway gives residents a safe off-road area to walk, ride, skate or just relax along with opportunities for business along the route.  If you are familiar with the Lexington trail, you know how well-used and appreciated it is.  Below is an example of a typical bikeway.

The goal of the Friends of the Tri-community Greenway are working for more than a bikeway.  The goal is to have a trail that is wide enough to let bikers, skaters and walkers share without any conflicts so everyone can relax or get exercise without getting in the way of others.

Another goal is to connect or create greenspace from Recreation Park in Stoneham to Horn Pond in Woburn, and Wedgemere Station in Winchester and many small parks in between. In addition, much of the Stoneham branch is made of an old rail line that provides a 45-foot-wide swath of linear green space.  Think of it as a small version of the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston!