What is the Tri-Community Greenway?
The Tri-Community Greenway is a multi-use trail that goes from Gould Street (near Rec Park) in Stoneham down to Wedgemere Station in Winchester with a spur over to Horn Pond in Woburn.  The trail is planned to go on old rail lines, upgraded streets and through existing parks.  In the mean time you can find some details on The Greenway page.

When will the Greenway be built?
The Greenway is currently in the early construction phase.  The Bid for the project, funded with federal and state highway grants, has been awarded and the contractor has a notice to proceed. There was a ground-breaking in May 2017, and construction started in earnest in Winchester in July 2017.  Construction should be finished in late summer of 2018. 

What is a multi-use path?
The Greenway will be a multi-use trail. The goal of the multi-use trail is to make it safe and comfortable for all people, who can walk, run, bike or skate.  When a trail is set up well, you will be comfortable regardless of your pace.  The Greenway is also ADA-compliant, which means it meets accessibility requirements from the Americans with Disabilities Act, allowing its use for those who have mobility issues, whether or not they are wheelchair-bound, or just walk a little slower then they used to. 

Multi-use - will I get run over?
The current design calls for a minimum of 10 feet of paved trail with 3 feet of additional buffer on each side where possible.  Some sections in Winchester are more narrow or follow along sidewalks. The wide trail should give ample room for people to share the trail as long as the design is not compromised. in addition, the Stoneham section is on the path of the old railroad bed providing up to 50 feet in width. 

Upgraded crossings are being added along the route to make it safer for all pedestrian traffic to cross roads that intersect the trail, such as Montvale Avenue in Stoneham, and Washington and Cross Streets in Winchester.

Will there be issues with crime and safety?
Many studies have shown this is not the case. In fact, crime usually decreases in areas with green ways, as they are typically fairly well-used and busy. However, studies are not the same as first-hand experience, so we reached out to the Lexington police for more information about their experience with the Minuteman Bikeway, which as you probably know, runs from Cambridge and Arlington through Lexington to Bedford. 

Captain O’Leary responded. The response started: “Each of us would tell you that the Bikeway is a valuable asset to the community and that the calls for service on the bikeway are insignificant when compared to the calls for service we receive generally.” The emphasis (bold and underlined) is Captain O’Leary’s, not ours. 

He continues to confirm there has not been increased crime associated with the Minuteman. “We have not had any more crimes on our 5 miles of bikeway in the several decades it has been in Lexington than any other recreation area in Town.” O'Leary also stated that “we don't patrol the bikeway every day,” and that the Minuteman “has not generated any additional expenses for the Police Department”!

How Can I help?
Get Involved!!  Its a slow process to design and build a greenway but we have momentum.  The planning stage is over and construction is near.  We need people to show their excitement and public support for the Greenway as well as to help us start planning for additional amenities that are not covered by MassDOT funds.     

What about the local businesses?
The Greenway is a great opportunity for local businesses. Numerous studies have shown the economic benefits to the towns and local business. A Greenway will provide a resource for residents to exercise or relax while using services of local business along the route.