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Project gets the Notice to Proceed!!

Fantastic news!  

The Bid Opening for the Tri-Community was last November.  Since then, MassDOT has been at work certifying the low bid.  They have now issued a Notice to Proceed, officially awarding the contract and clearing the way for construction of the Greenway.

What does this mean?  It means construction should this spring.  The contractor is in the process of making up a schedule for construction, which we should have a few weeks.  With a few exceptions (such as avoiding constructing next to schools during the school year), they can decide how to proceed and whether to start in Winchester and move towards Stoneham or vice versa. Most of the construction should be done in a single season (approx April to November). The piece likely to take the most time is the new bridge over the Aberjona River in Woburn. The construction is expected to largely finished in 2017, but some plantings or landscaping might end up waiting until the spring of 2018.

This is a huge step for the project and we are incredibly excited to see this greenway, over 25 years in the making, finally take this leap.  We can't wait to get out there and walk and ride. 

  • North suburban Boston is congested and with limited options for alternate transportation.   Roads are often narrow with curbside parking that makes alternate means of commuting difficult.  The Tri-Community Greenway will link a number of bus routes, commuter rail, schools, parks and downtown areas.
  • This is an opportunity to build a resource that simultaneously provides safe alternate transportation, reduces congestion, supports local business and creates a beautiful new recreational area. It also improves already existing trails that are not large enough or in need of improvement (such as the trail to Horn Pond from Winchester). 
  • Access to trails encourages new exercise habits, leading to weight-loss, longer life, reduced hospital stays, and general improvements to health. Such improvements include everyone in the community.  The Greenway is ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act), which means hills and slopes are gentle enough for wheelchairs (and baby carriages) and its smooth, even surface can aid those with more difficulty walking or those just learning to ride a bike. 
  • Greenways increase property values, with value improving the most the nearer to the trail a home is.
  • Greenways provide safe areas for exercise or commuting to school and work.
  • Off-road trails, greenways and bikeways foster businesses, both those immediately on or near a trail, such as restaurants and shops, as well as those supplying activities, as users increase spending on travel and equipment.
  • Greenways improve community as neighbors have more chances to meet each other face-to-face.