The Greenway

The Greenway will be a invaluable resource for the three towns it goes through. The 6.63 mile multi-use trail is for local residences to walk, jog, bike, roller blade, commute or just relax and enjoy a nice summer day. Each town has a slightly different personality with a 45 foot wide "linear park" in Stoneham, a connection of local streets and parks through Winchester and finally connecting to recreational land at Horn Pond in Woburn.  All sections share the vision for connection the towns, providing valuable resources for residence and providing economic opportunity for the business along the trail.  

The Stoneham portion of the trail starts at Gould Street, next to Recreation park and follows the route of the old Stoneham Branch of the Boston & Lowell Railroad into Woburn just before going under I93.  The trail starts at Gould and connects to Pomeworth Field by the Central School. After crossing Main Street at Elm it connects back up to the rail line just behind Walgreen's.  In this section, there is an open brook and wetland that is we hope to turn into a nature preserve for all to enjoy.  After crossing Montvale Ave., the trail takes a straight shot down to I-93. 

Once out of Stoneham, the trail changes transitions from the old rail line to a series of enlarged side walks connecting parks and public land. In Woburn, the trail turns south behind the Calvary Cemetery in Winchester towards Davidson Park and continues to wind its way down behind the Winchester High School to the Wedgemere station, skirting the edge of Wedge Pond. From here, nature lovers can follow along the Mystic River valley towards Arlington and the Minuteman Trail to Cambridge, Lexington and beyond. In addition, there is a spur that goes northwest up to Horn Pond where there are additional walking trails.  

Imagine being able to walk, bike or skate from Stoneham to Horn Pond in Woburn or down to the center of Winchester.   Stop in at Joe's Main Street Pizza in Winchester for a slice or some ice cream at the Daily Scoop in Stoneham!

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